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 I'm here to share my chess experience and help you improve.

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Beginnings are always special. And when it comes to playing a new chess game, nothing gets better. Playing chess is in our blood from the moment we are born. We set the rules and then we play them, developing our minds through a framework that we ourselves created. This is how we learn. This is how we evolve. If we are lucky enough we get to sail to uncharted waters and there we will find new ideas that were not possible just before. Chess is a unique game, so inspirational and so symbolic.  Something that the mind cannot let go of. This is how I think about Chess. I want to know you and your chess story. 
Now let me start with mine.

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Frequently asked questions

How to get better at chess?

Getting better at chess can be challenging at the start but gets easier over time. The main thing I did to improve is simple- repetition. Starting every day with chess tactics and ending it with a chess game analysis (mine and great players) has given me over time instincts when playing chess and a better understanding of the game. Watching chess videos and practicing can overtime improve your chess skills.

When do I need to start learning openings?

When I started my first instinct was to learn openings and improve at them, as this is the first stage of the game, but the right thing to do is learn opening principles and general rules. It's most important to improve your middle game knowledge by learning from books, online sites, videos, and of course your games. You can learn simple openings like the London system, four knights, and the Scandinavian defense that don’t include lots of theory and are easy to play. Make sure you know not only the opening moves but the ideas behind the moves. After reaching a 1500-1600 goal you should start gradually moving to openings that fit your style. I advise testing openings to see what is your favorite and then learn it. You should know that the process of learning a new chess opening is long but can give you an opening advantage against your opponent.

Why are chess endgames important?

From a practical point of view the endgame is the least well studied part of chess. Many people enter the endgame phase of the game with little to no theoretical knowledge and no actual plan. Studying different endgames can teach you new ideas like centralization of the king, the role of pawns, the problems arising piece exchanges, suppressing opponents counterplay, the principle of two weaknesses and much more. Over time by learning and practicing you can improve your endgame skills and get better overall.   

why mychessjourney?

My chess journey is a site I created to help chess players in all levels get better at chess the way I learned it. I believe that the human mind is like a machine and by working hard you can really improve!. Now I know this sounds a lot, but I will guide you along your chess journey.  

 In my chess journey I hope to help you improve your chess understanding by creating interesting studies for you to learn, teach you new openings, opening theory, puzzles, introduce you to new middlegame and endgame ideas by showing grandmasters games and analyzing them. My number one goal is to make your chess journey to success enjoyable!

how to use content on this site?

I recommend that you sit down with a chess set in front of you and play out the moves(of course this is optional, there will be a PGN of the game and a link to a lichess study of the game)  . In the material I often ask you to calculate the best variation. You should look at the chess board and try do it without any movement of the pieces to improve your calculations at chess tournaments.

I would lastly like to say that if you need any help with your chess journey- help to choose openings, help with a tactic, help with middlegame or endgame positions, or just a nice chess game you played you are welcome to contact me by email and I will answer as soon as I can.

Thank you for entering my chess site and viewing my content. You are a valuable member of our chess community and I would love for you to register on my site.

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