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my fourth competition game

this game was a good one. i played with precision. the game was in the queens gambit declined. i waited untli his mistake and got the upperhand. was i able wo win?

lets talk about the queens gambit declined first. a very dinamic play in the queens gambit that arises after the moves 1.d4,d5 2.c4,e6 3.nc3,nf6 in the exchange veriation 4.cxd5 there are two plans avileble -

  • this exchange has several aggressive plans including the "minority attack" on the queenside or a preparation for an all-out assault by seizing the center by an eventual e2-e4 or e3-e4.

  • 4. Nf3 - This is the solid classical option.

  • 4. Bg5 - Since this move is usually played anyway, it is both constructive while keeping options open.

now this is the game-

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omer naor
omer naor
Nov 09, 2021


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