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my first training game

my first game was after a few months of training. it was with a friend of mine . a god chess player. i played here with the white pieces

1. c4 e5

the English opening

2. Nf3 Nc6

3. d4 d6

4. d5 Nb4

5. Bd2 Na6

here i missed the tactic -Qa4( winning a piece and the game instantly)

6. b4 c5

an inaccuracy , it gave me a good opportunity to lock the center, i closed it with tempo( my opponent now needed to move his knight again . closing the center when you have more space is considered good.

7. b5 Nc7

8. e4 Nf6

9. Nc3 Bg4

10. Be2 b6

11. h3 Bxf3

12. Bxf3 Be7

13. Ne2 a6

my idea here - bringing the knight back to e2 was to occupy the f5 square (by going Ne2-g3-f5) . of course that black can play g6 and kick my knight out of there, but this will cause weakening his kingside dark squares and with h4-h5 I can start attacking his kingside.

14. a4 axb5

15. axb5 O-O

16. Ng3 Rxa1

17. Qxa1 Qa8

18. Qxa8 Rxa8

here i made a positional mistake, instead of keeping the tension in the open file i gave my opponent the open file. getting control over the open file is one of the endgame principles

19. Nf5 Ra4

my opponent did not notice his bishop was hanging

20. Nxe7+ Kf8

21. Nc8 Rxc4

my move - attacking black`s main weaknesses(b6 and d6)

22. Nxd6

my opponent surrendered. devastated from the blunder

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